• Recordings and Videotapes: A Nation of Poets (recording), 1990; We Who Believe in Freedom: A Gathering Around the Urban Campfire (video), 1996.


  • Plays (location and year of original production): Hymn for the Rebels, Howard University, 1968; Duet for Three Voices, Howard University, 1969; The Sale, Spelman College, 1972; puppetplay, Just Us Theater, Atlanta, 1981; Hospice, New Federal Theater, Off- Broadway, New York City, 1983; Good News, Just US Theater, Atlanta, 1984; Essentials, Just US Theater, Atlanta, 1985, Porch Songs, Phoenix Theater, Indianapolis, IN, 1985; Banana Bread (television play), WPBA, Atlanta, 1985; Come and Get These Memories, Billie Holiday Theater, Brooklyn, NY, 1987; Flyin’ West, Alliance Theater Company, Atlanta, 1992; Chain, Women’s Project and Productions and the New Federal Theater, Off-Broadway, New York City, 1992; Late Bus to Mecca, Women’s Project and Productions and the New Federal Theater, Off-Broadway, New York City, 1992; Blues for an Alabama Sky, Alliance Theater Company, Atlanta, 1995; Bourbon at the Border, Alliance Theater Company, Atlanta, 1997.
  • Performance pieces (written and performed by Cleage): The Jean Harris Reading, 1981; The Pearl and the Vipers, 1981; Nothin’ But a Movie, 1982.
  • Books: We Don’t Need No Music (poetry), 1971; Dear Dark Faces (poetry), 1980; One for the Brothers (chapbook), 1983; Mad at Miles: A Blackwoman’s Guide to Truth (essays), 1990; The Brass Bed and Other Stories (fiction), 1991; Deals with the Devil: And Other Reasons to Riot (essays), 1991; Dreamers and Dealmakers: An Insider’s Guide to the Other Atlanta Games (non-fiction), 1996; What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day (fiction), 1997. I Wish I had a Red Dress (fiction), 2001; Some Things I Thought I’d Never Do (fiction), 2003.



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