Kevin Powell, author of  Who’s Gonna Take the Weight: Manhood, Race, and Power in America

With the publication of Some Things I Never Thought I’d Do, Pearl Cleage further solidifies her position as one of America’s most engaging and accessible writers. Cleage’s work has always been about life, truth-telling, and that spiritual bedrock we call love. Here, as she has done elsewhere, these elements are present, as is Cleage’s gift for creating female characters who are complex, whole beings in search of the power within themselves.

Jewell Parker Rhodes, author of Douglass’ Women

Nobody writes human drama better than Pearl Cleage. Witty, engaging, tender and bittersweet, Ms. Cleage writes tales that illuminate the generosity and power of women’s souls. In this glorious novel, a good woman rescues herself, rekindles her passion for life and love, and heals a family torn apart by betrayal and secrets. There’s no better ‘praise song’ to love, living, and the wondrous imperfection of humanity than Some Things I Never Thought I’d Do. Laugh, cry, nod your head in recognition, for Ms. Cleage has captured life on the page.

Tayari Jones, author of Leaving Atlanta

Pearl Cleage is a modern-day Sheherazade. In this novel she weaves gorgeous fantasies of what our lives could be if we all were to provide equal measures of faith and commitment. Some Things I Never Thought I’d Do is a tale stitched with magic and embroidered with hope.

Bebe Moore Campbell, author  of  Singing in the Comeback Choir

Pearl Cleage croons a tale of politics-for-hire, community action, and strong men coming on with a voice as smooth and mellow as a jazz standard.